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1 Bring your vehicle (Car, truck, SUV, RV, trailer, semi
diesel hauler, boat, motorcycle, ski doo, snowmobile, heavy equipment, tractor, emergency response vehicle, farm vehicle, bicycle, etc.)... Make a note of your odometer miles so it can be written on your Car Mart sign at the desk. Park your vehicle in an empty available space, and lock it up.

2 Come up to the desk and pay for your space we enter your information you provide and make your sign and
tear-offs. All the materials you need are supplied by Car Mart. The sign describes your vehicle and needs to have your price and contact info; it should be taped to the inside of the driver side window. The tear-offs have your information for the shoppers and should go on the outside of the window.
You may stay with your vehicle but it is NOT necessary. There are “owner on lot” signs available at the desk, plus material for your needs like pens, paper, tape and fresh tear-offs. Interested prospective buyers will take your tear-off, call you and arrange a meeting for a test drive and negotiation. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to have a phone number (such as a cell phone) that you can be easily reached by Car Mart shoppers. We strongly recommend owners to be in the car with shoppers on the test drive to answer any questions and for security reasons.
Please note that Car Mart accepts CASH ONLY as payment ---
Sorry, no Checks, Credit Cards or Debit/ATM Cards.

Please see our How It Works page for specifics. During our daytime hours, there is ALWAYS someone at the Car Mart to help answer any questions you have.

Also see our FAQ page for general questions and answers.

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